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Government House Charities Fete

Thanks to all who came to speak and help us at theis year's Association of Guernsey Charities annual fete in the grounds of government house. Our popular polo shirts were well received along with a number of other branded RGLI items that help us carry out our projects. This year we were joined by two motorbikes from the RGLI Memorial Ride that went to Masnieres in May belonging to Jenny Vaudin and Paul Smith, and enjoyed a day discussing our latest projects and this years events, including the student exchange, twinning visit and the memorial parade in Masnieres this November on RGLI remembrance day.

Look out for the launch of our 2026 project this year. You can get involved wit the RGLI by getting in tuck with the team, we are also pleased to help you if you are looking for your RGLI ancestor too.

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