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In The Community


The Charitable Trust receives all its money via donations from the public. We do not receive money from government, any national body or other veterans organisations, such as the Royal British Legion (RBL) or ex-servicemens associations. 


All its officials and volunteers give freely of their own time. This means that 100% of the monies raised go towards the upkeep of the monuments, exchange programme, replacements of flags and commemorative events on behalf of the RGLI and the people of Guernsey and France. It uses funding to preserve the history, fraternity of the communities and education as a longer lasting cultural programme to embed its work.


Individual projects and initiatives only happen if there are sufficient funds available to the charity. We are always grateful for your donations, often in lieu of family members that have served, no matter how large or small.

"Guernsey's Finest Hour" Campaign

During 2017, in association with the Guernsey Evening Press, the RGLI Charitable Trust launched the 'Guernsey's Finest Hour' Campaign, where members of the public were able to contribute towards the proposed memorial to be placed in Rue Vertes, Masnieres, France on the place where A Company, 1st RGLI (Service) Battalion stood on 30th November 1917.


The success of this campaign saw hundreds of islanders enter the names of relatives who had served in the RGLI on the 'Roll of Honour', including making donations towards this important initiative. 

The "Guernsey's Finest Hour" succeeded in raising more than was required, and together with the donation of services from some local company's, were able to support the commissioning of a second sister memorial in Guernsey, unvieled in 2018. It is important to note that up to this year there had not been a memorial in Guernsey to their own regiment.  

Pride of Guernsey Awards

In October 2017 the Trust received the Special Recognition Award at the Pride of Guernsey Event that year, presented by their patron Sir Ian Corder.

The organisers wished to recorded the unlevelled engagement of the campaign in Guernsey and how it had been so successful in this extra special 100th anniversary year. 


Community Awards

A further accolade was made later that year, together with a much welcome cash prize donation was made at the Community Awards. In a group with some very well deserving causes the Trust was awarded 'Fund Raising Team of The Year'

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