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Saffery Rotary Walk sponsors RGLI

The Team are delighted to be announced as a beneficiary of this year's very popular Saffery Rotary Around Island Walk. Covering 40 miles around the island each June, the walk attracts hundreds of people, young and old, to spend a day helping raise money for local charities on what continues to be the longest sponsored walk event in the Channel Islands. Having been established over twenty five years the walk has helped local good causes by raising over seven figures in total.

established by local technology company, Itex, the 'Around the Island Walk' was started with the trial concept of just seven walkers who, with six others, raised a total of 1,254 pounds that first year. From there it grew in popular culture to become an established item on today's islands calendar.

The growth in walker numbers in the early 2000's saw the Rotary Club of Guernsey lend their support to help with sheer logistics and on the sale of Itex in 2014, local company Saffery Champness (who was then and existing checkpoint sponsor) took on the role of organising the yearly event. Today they are Saffery Trust.

The walk was co-founded in 1998 by the late John Mann and Chris Oliver who remained its Chair for the first ten years until 2008. Today Chris is a co-founder and trustee of the RGLI Trust.

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