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Our Service


To provide a focus through remembrance and the establishment and maintenance of dedicated memorials, of the history and life of the Regiment.


To record and respect the activities, service and sacrifices of the men and their families.


To remember all those who suffered in the pursuit of freedom, record and reflect on the social changes and the experiences of a generation 

History & Education

To facilitate across communities, people, generations, and borders the positive values from the history of the RGLI, its service and heavy contributions.


To promote and stimulate lasting shared values of service and freedom amongst new generations, building friendship and community.


To create positive changes to citizenship from the tragedy of war.

Cultural Diplomacy

To promote and celebrate lasting friendship and values across common cultures.


To embed positive change across communities. Preserve, share and experience our uniqueness as global citizens.

To establish a lasting impact for the future from shared experiences.

Our Inspiration

“These memorials recognise the men of the RGLI who fought and died in the First World War at Masnieres and especially at the Battle of Lys where they were virtually wiped out.”

The Bailiff of Guernsey

“I want to convey to the Guernsey authorities my very high appreciation fo the valuable services rendered by the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry. I regret the casualties were heavy”

Major General Beauvoir de Lisle

“In these big offensives, groups of men from towns and villages across Britain were lost almost instantly and the social effects were unrecorded, enormous and lasted for generations.”

Lt Col Colin Vaudin

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